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2014 Yuma Area Prayer Breakfast

Lindsey Martin 10th
Layne Compton 12th
Audrey Close 12th
Aiden Edwards 12th
Mariah Lemme 12th
Ryan Waters 11th
Mary Terkelsen 12th

This past Friday, January 31, people joined together bright and early at 6 a.m. at the Civic Center to eat and pray at the annual Yuma Area Prayer Breakfast.  All one thousand people who attended sat together and enjoyed their delicious breakfast. Around 7 a.m. we had the Presentation of the Colors then an opening prayer, followed by Scripture Readings. Then Doctor Micah Parker spoke and enthralled his audience in a roller coaster of emotions.

ABOUT DR. PARKER:  “God blessed me with an unexpected and incredible adversity that helped shape my original message. My personal testimony is about how to truly trust Jesus Christ with your entire life, regardless of the circumstances. After taping a chapel service I did at Concordia University NE about my experience, I mailed the tape to friends and family who were praying for me. Those tapes were taken to church or given to friends who were also dealing with an adversity.  People heard the tape and asked me to come tell more of the story.  When people would ask me to come back and speak, I’d respond with, “You heard my story; that’s all I’ve got.”  As a result, I developed many more talks. That was 16 years ago. Since then, I’ve been blessed to speak in 28 different states to over 600 groups, ranging from ONE to 30,000. I’ve spoken in huge arenas, for Christian companies, educator’s conferences, and state/district/national youth gatherings, at countless churches and schools, in a cow pasture, and in prison; each has been a blessing!”

Dr. Parker is a powerful speaker with a life changing story. He inspired everyone who listened to him and encouraged us to put our trust in God! You can check out is website here: and his brand as well.

The Breakfast concluded with a closing prayer and well wishes for our health and spiritual life. If you would be interested in attending the 2015 Yuma Area Prayer Breakfast next year, please talk to Mrs. Meade or Deacon Hernandez. They would love for any students who would like to attend. It is really a great experience and such a positive way to start off your weekend.

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